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Not sure where to start with building your selection process?

Too busy to pay closer attention to enhancing your hiring procedures? Becoming an EduSelect member is a fabulous way to access great hiring tools, learn new skills, and expand our professional network.

Benefits of our Memberships:

  • An opportunity to participate in monthly professional development workshops
  • Interview and reference checking documents created for you
  • Access to a video tutorials library
  • Downloadable templates and checklists

Your Membership Includes:

The Interview Question Generator

This tool saves you time and delivers a series of high quality questions organized in a print-ready template. Choose the position and the relevant selection criteria and we build relevant, effective interview questions that align with your job-related selection criteria.

Checklists & Templates

Worried about missing something in the process? We have created a number of best-practice templates and checklists to save you time and worry.

Video Tutorials

Members can view a collection of quick, concise, and relevant hiring tutorials that are available on-demand for review as you need them.

Professional Development Workshops

Membership gives you access to monthly live professional development workshops. Pop onto our pre-scheduled, 90 minute online sessions, gather relevant hiring tips, contribute to vibrant discussion, and connect with others who are doing similar work.

Membership Levels

Whether you want to start small or have EduSelect support your work on an ongoing basis, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Level 1 - Professional Development

This membership is suited to individual human resource professionals who are wanting to attend great professional development sessions through the year and access video tutorials and online courses.
  • Choose to attend any or all of the eight live professional development workshops from August through to June
  • Access a number of video tutorials
  • Request individual access to online learning modules
  • Membership Fees

  • Membership Fees: $540 annually plus applicable taxes (varies by province)
  • Level 2 - Professional Development and Hiring Tools

    This membership is suited to individuals who, in addition to accessing the professional development opportunities, want support designing and creating interview questions, reference checking documents, selection tools and templates.
  • Interview questions created for up to 3 positions that are formatted into a print-ready interview template
  • Up to three reference checking templates customized to your positions
  • Access to download up to 5 templates and checklists -Choose to attend any or all of the eight live professional development workshops from August through to June
  • Access a number of video tutorials
  • Request individual access to online learning modules
  • Membership Fees

  • $780 annually plus applicable taxes
  • Level 3 - Organizational Membership

    This organizational-level membership provides for multiple users in the human resources department to have access to the professional development sessions as well as the hiring tools. This is most relevant to large school districts.
  • Complimentary interview question generator templates for up to 5 positions
  • 5 reference checking documents added on to your interview question generator
  • Unlimited access to templates & checklists
  • Unlimited access to the video tutorials
  • Full access to community calls
  • BONUS! Access to 3 EduSelect Hiring Academy Courses for free!
  • Complimentary book Hiring Well: Building Strong Selection Practice in K-12
  • 15% off EduSelect consulting services
  • BONUS! Up to 6 hour-long 1-1 coaching calls over a 12 month period with a Certified Leadership Coach
  • Membership Fees

  • Membership Fees: Dependent on school district size and number of users. Contact us for an estimate.
  • Looking For A Custom Option?

    The Full Organizational Package

    Don’t see the perfect membership package? Contact us to get a quote on a customized package to fit your organizational needs. We would love to work something out with you to help solve your hiring challenges.