Templates & Checklists

Using templates provides consistency when assisting different candidates and reduces bias.

Templates are important in supporting great hiring practices. They provide consistency in evaluating candidates, ensure you don’t miss critical steps, support great record-keeping, and most importantly, keep you focused on assessing only job-related skills. They help reduce bias in decision-making and are useful when training of selection committee members who aren’t familiar with the hiring process.

EduSelect Templates

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    How can I access customized reference checks for my positions?

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    ...when you're planning to hire

  • Process Overview Checklist
  • Legal implications checklist
  • Best practice: designing applications
  • ...when you're recruiting

  • Best practice recruiting checklist (Coming Soon)
  • ...when you're shortlisting

  • Shortlisting Form
  • ...when you're interviewing

  • Interview template
  • Interview checklist & script
  • Selection committee confidentiality agreement
  • ...in decision-making

  • Candidate rating form
  • Reference check template
  • ...after your decision is made

  • Preparing an employment contract
  • Employee orientation checklist