Templates When You're Interviewing

Interview Checklist & Script

Being well-prepared and organized in the interview contributes to effective interviewing and maximizes your chance of making the right selection decisions. This template is organized as a four-part checklist with details to consider at each of the following stages: 
-Before the interview
-Opening the interview
-During the interview
-After the interview 

Interview Template

Preparing sound interview questions is a critical success factor that cannot be overlooked. The interview question template provides a great structure within which to add your questions and selection criteria. This helps to keep everyone who is interviewing focussed the selection criteria, provides consistency in record keeping, and is helpful to focus the deliberation discussions post-interview. Finally, this template keeps everyone focussed on asking questions related to the job and thereby protects you from bias entering your decision making.

Selection Committee Confidentiality Agreement

When you are working with a selection committee, it can be challenging to make sure everyone understands their legal obligations related to the process; in particular their those responsibilities related to confidentiality. This sample confidentiality agreement is a sample agreement that you can use with your selection committee. By signing this agreement, they will better understand that candidates are entitled to privacy through the process.