Templates When You're Planning To Hire

Process Overview Checklist

Use this template to make sure you don't miss critical steps in building a great selection process. Ensuring that all steps are well-defined and consistently implemented increases a district’s ability to attract, hire and retain quality people.

Legal Implications Checklist

Make sure you know your legal obligations! Doing so minimizes the chances that your hiring decisions will be challenged. Most importantly, it protects against bias that emerges in the hiring process. This template summarizes issues you need to consider at each stage of the process. Remember! This is only a checklist and not legal advice. You will need to seek that elsewhere but this checklist gives you a starting place of things to consider.

Best Practice: Designing Applications

Asking for the right information in an application sets you up for success. This checklist provides things to include and provides a sample declaration that you can consider having applicants sign so that they:
· declare that all information they provide is accurate and true
· authorize the employer to contact referees, and
· agree to provide a criminal record search.
An applicant declaration is helpful to have in those rare cases where an applicant misrepresents information in the process.